All cakes are bespoke, so if you don't see the flavour you are looking for below, please get in touch to discuss. 


Elderflower + gooseberry - almond lemon sponge, elderflower syrup, elderflower buttercream, gooseberry compote

Raspberry + lemon - almond lemon sponge, raspberry curd, lemon syrup, fresh raspberries, lemon buttercream

Apricot + rose - lemon sponge, vanilla apricot syrup, roast apricots, rose buttercream

Fresh strawberry + vanilla - vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream, strawberry compote, fresh strawberries with a touch of white balsamic

White peach + hibiscus - vanilla sponge, poached white peaches, hibiscus syrup, pale pink hibiscus buttercream

Chocolate cherry - dark chocolate sponge, cherry liquor syrup, cherry compote, vanilla buttercream 



Blackberry + bay - almond lemon sponge, blackberry rosehip jelly, bay syrup, vanilla and bay buttercream

Winter citrus - lemon sponge with candied peel, lemon curd, orange drizzle, lemon buttercream

Rhubarb + orange blossom - almond orange sponge, orange drizzle, roasted forced Yorkshire  rhubarb, orange blossom buttercream

Plum + earl grey - almond sponge, earl grey and plum drizzle, roast plums, earl grey buttercream

Passionfruit coconut - lemon and coconut sponge, passionfruit curd, coconut buttercream

Almond, fig + sweet wine - almond sponge, sweet wine drizzle, roasted figs, vanilla buttercream


all year round

Dark chocolate + caramel - dark chocolate sponge, salted caramel, toasted hazelnuts, vanilla buttercream

Double chocolate - dark chocolate sponge, fluffy milk chocolate 'mousse' style buttercream, dark caramel drizzle

Hazelnut + caramelised white chocolate - brown sugar and hazelnut sponge, caramelised white chocolate buttercream,  dark caramel 

Vanilla + milk chocolate - vanilla sponge, vanilla syrup, fluffy milk chocolate 'mousse' style buttercream, optional hazelnut praline

Carrot + pistachio cake - carrot sponge with lime, orange and pistachios, vanilla cream cheese buttercream, 

Victoria sponge - vanilla sponge, vanilla syrup, homemade raspberry jam, vanilla buttercream

Butterscotch cake - brown sugar sponge, rum syrup, salted caramel, pecan brittle vanilla buttercream

Espresso Tiramisu cake - coffee and brown sugar sponge, coffee liqueur syrup, coffee buttercream, vanilla mascarpone and cocoa

Matured fruit cake - walnut, pistachio, almond, cherry, tamarind

All of my cakes are custom made and as such, custom quoted, but the below guidelines may be helpful. The below serving recommendations assume that you will be serving your cake as an addition to dessert - if you wish to serve the cake as dessert (which I thoroughly recommend!) - you will need to allow a little more cake per person.


Delivery is charged at £30 within London and on request outside of the capital. I deliver, assemble and decorate most of my tiered cakes on site at your wedding venue. In some cases, cakes can be collected and transported fully built. Please email me to discuss whether this would be possible for your cake.


Single tier celebration cakes in 6" or 8" - from £45

20 guests - 2 tiers in 6” and 4” – from £85

30 guests - 2 tiers in 7" and 5" - from £125

60 guests - 2 tiers in 9" and 6" - from £250

80 guests - 3 tiers in 8", 6" and 4" - from £325

100 guests - 3 tiers in 10", 7" and 5" - from £385

120 guests - 4 tiers in 10", 8", 6" and 4" - from £450

150 guests - 5 tiers in 12", 10", 8", 6" and 4" - from £550


Cake tastings are available, either at my flat in Bermondsey or for you to take home! Please email me to inquire.

dietary requirements, allergens.

All cakes will be delivered with a full ingredient and allergen list. Many of my cakes can be made gluten free, dairy free and vegan, please email me to discuss further. Please note that all cakes are make in a kitchen which uses nuts, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee that any cakes are free of nut traces.

get in touch.
I'd love to hear from you and discuss your cake occasion!